Notepad++ not showing python class or function in Function List

5 Jan

Quick note to self that hopefully will be useful to someone else over the inter-webs 🙂

  • When enabling the Function List pane in Notepad++ on a python file containing multiple functions and classes, the last item may not be displayed in the list
  • in my case it was a class which was completely absent along with all its methods

Solution: make sure that the last line of the python file is not indented!

The python file parser generates the Function List rightly using the file indents to identify functions and classes. Unfortunately, if the last line of the file is indented, the last object in the file will not be considered “closed” and therefore it will not show in the Function List.

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Livestreamer: command-line streaming extractor

18 Nov

I have always preferred to watch internet streams in a video player rather than a browser. In the early days was only a way to avoid to have Flash in the loop, but even in the age of H264 and WebM it is always good to get rid of the browser and website layer and getting the machine to focus only on the bare streaming task.

Here it comes Livestreamer, a command-line utility available in the form of Python Package, that detects the streaming component from a given supported website and redirects it to the player of your choice (default is VLC).

Installation and operation in Linux is straightforward as they show on their main page.

At first we have to install the Python Package Index on our distribution, on Ubuntu is simply:

# sudo apt-get install python-pip

Then from pip we will install the livestreamer script:

# pip 
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